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Behind the Business

Theresa Mazzuco is the founder and primary event coordinator at

Off the Vine.

With a deep passion for both the world of hospitality and entrepreneurship, I've dedicated over a decade to honing my expertise in the art of events and operations management.

My journey began in the world of hospitality, where I developed my skills in crafting seamless and unforgettable events. Over the years, I've donned multiple hats, including entrepreneur, with ventures such as Linus Alarm, a family business, and Beyond Boards & Tastings - the birthplace of the concept that became Off the Vine.

In my current role as a Marketing Manager at a Tampa-based SaaS startup, I manage in-person marketing, digital marketing, and the coordination of a diverse array of events - from those we attend to the ones we sponsor and others that we host.

Outside the corporate landscape, I'm an enthusiastic traveler, most recently exploring the UK, Italy and Greece, with my fiance. We live in Tampa, have a beautiful fur baby, Chevelle, a black mouth cur, and when we're not working, or traveling, we enjoy spending time with friends & family.

As a wine enthusiast and a lifelong learner, I've combined my passions for event planning, wellness, travel, and wine to shape the mission of Off the Vine. Our goal is simple yet profound: to share these passions with you, elevating your events and trips to a realm of exceptional experiences, and leveraging them to expand your businesses brand awareness and client/membership base.

Theresa Mazzuco

Founder | Coordinator

Turning a Vision into Reality

My journey began behind the bar, where I discovered my passion for hospitality. From here, my career led me into management and event coordination positions. 

Years later, I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit after taking over my father's alarm business, which I successfully managed and later sold. But the transition from a team environment to entrepeneurship left me missing the hospitality industry yearning for something more.

This is when I started Beyond Boards & Tastings, a small charcuterie and wine tasting business, which combined some of my interests, but most importantly helped me foster connections with other business owners, and realize my passion for event and trip planning.

After this realization and selling the alarm business, I decided to migrate Beyond Boards to a service based business that was less physically demanding, was more fulfilling, and on-brand to my passions.

Off the Vine was born.

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